Bradford White Water Heaters Announces Connected Water Heater Technology

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Bradford White Connect™ platform empowers users to monitor and manage the AeroTherm® Heat Pump Water Heater through a convenient mobile app

Bradford White Water Heaters, an industry-leading American manufacturer of water heaters, boilers and storage tanks, introduces Bradford White Connect™, an external adapter providing app-driven monitoring technology for the AeroTherm® heat pump water heater (HPWH) series.

The Bradford White Connect™ platform allows users to monitor the HPWH, adjust settings, and receive alerts all through a convenient mobile app available on Google Play or Apple’s App store.

“The Bradford White Connect™ platform offers homeowners a range of convenient options so they can manage their AeroTherm® unit wherever they are,” said Louise Prader, senior director, product management for Bradford White. “Many families have busy schedules. With Bradford White Connect™, they have a pairing of convenience and performance, all through our IoT connected appliance platform.”

Contractors can use Bradford White Connect™ to monitor in-service Aerotherm HPWHs, analyze their performance, and set alerts for water heater errors. For utility programs, the Bradford White Connect adapter conforms to grid-enabled demand response requirements with its CTA-2045 port.

“Bradford White Connect™ gives contractors an opportunity to meet the growing desire for connected home technology coupled with energy efficiency,” Prader said. “We’re pleased to make this important tool available to them and their customers.”

To learn more about Bradford White Water Heaters, please visit or call (215) 641-9400.

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