Caleffi DISCALDIRTMAG magnetic separation

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PR - Caleffi DISCAL DIRTMAGCaleffi expands its solutions to problems caused by ferrous oxide debris within hydronic systems. Ferrous oxide debris, which is abrasive and often microscopic, is created from the oxidation of iron or steel materials. It can deposit onto heat exchanger surfaces and accumulate in other components including circulators, causing reduced thermal efficiency and premature equipment wear.

The new ASME registered NA546M Series DISCALDIRTMAG® continuously and efficiently removes air and debris that forms in hydronic circuits including the removal of up to 100% of ferrous debris. Non-ferrous debris gets separated out by colliding with an internal element in the flow stream and settling to the bottom of the separator, while the microscopic ferrous debris gets drawn into and captured by a concentrated magnetic field created from a stack of powerful neodymium rare-earth magnets located beneath the flow stream. A blow down ball valve allows easy removal of all captured debris.
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