2018 Resolution: PPE is not optional

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I turned 40 in 2017 so it’s official now that half my life I’ve been working as a plumber professionally. In that time I’ve completely wrecked my shoulders, hands and knees. I’m not at all proud of that, it just is the way it is At this point. That’s nothing new for anyone that’s been in the trades for more than 10-15 years. I’ve since made a lot of changes to how I handle materials and use tools (the right tools for the job) but I’ve also changed how I take care of myself physically. What I’ve always been lacking is a strong discipline to consistently wear appropriate PPE while working.

This is also nothing new for anyone working in the trades. I’m changing that this year. I challenge you to do so as well. I’ve been relatively lucky to this point, my eyes are both intact and strong so far but my hearing could be better. I never hit the floor without knee protection but I don’t always wear safety glasses. I have zero excuses, I own it all and none of it is out of reach or as expensive as missing a day of work or having surgery. Join me in making 2018 a safer, more productive year.IMG_8129

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