3 Tips Contractors Must Know Before Partnering with a BIM Services Provider

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Building information modeling (BIM) helps improve accuracy, efficiencies, job-site safety, productivity, and even profitability potential on commercial projects. With the use of BIM expanding, many contracting firms are now outsourcing work due to resource constraints.

However, before partnering with a BIM services provider, it’s important to do your research. Because BIM is a relatively new concept to the construction industry, experience is in short supply. Here are three points to consider along with an informative webinar series to provide guidance when considering a partnership with a BIM services provider.


One of the most important points to consider when choosing a BIM services provider is their location. Some companies are located overseas, which can make live interactions or collaboration challenging. Be sure to choose a provider located in your region, or at least in your
country, so collaboration can happen in real time.

To find out how BIM services providers can benefit your business, watch this Introduction to Uponor BIM Services webinar.


Ensure the team you’re considering has the necessary knowledge and experience with codes and standards in your jurisdiction as well as specific construction practices in your area. For example, certain commercial projects, such as hospitals, may have certain construction methods that must be adhered to for code. It’s vital the BIM services team you’re partnering with knows these important details.

For information about what BIM services providers can offer, check out this Benefits of Partnering with Uponor BIM Services webinar.

Industry Affiliations

Be sure to partner with a team that has affiliations with industry organizations, such as the American Society of Plumbing Engineers (ASPE), the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), and the Mechanical Contractors Association of America (MCAA). This will ensure they’re up to date on all the important industry trends and application practices your project may require.

Not all BIM services providers are the same. Discover the Differentiation of Partnering with Uponor BIM Services with this final webinar in the series.

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