A. O. Smith Launches Revolutionary Adapt™ Premium Condensing Tankless Water Heater Line

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Expanding its tankless water heater offering, A. O. Smith offers customers unparalleled installation flexibility

A. O. Smith, a leader in water heating and water treatment solutions, announces the launch of its Adapt™ Premium Condensing Gas Tankless Water Heaters with X3® Scale Prevention Technology. With new premium features, including an integrated recirculation pump and patented heat exchanger; enhanced installation flexibility and highly efficient performance, Adapt™ tankless meets the needs of busy contractors and homeowners alike.

Building on A. O. Smith’s legacy of innovation, this unit is the first tankless water heater designed and manufactured entirely by A. O. Smith. To enhance installation flexibility, the Adapt line offers two- and three-inch dual pipe venting, ½- and ¾-inch gas line options and universal indoor/outdoor installation.  A. O. Smith designed the units so they can be converted from natural gas to liquid propane in the field with an included kit. All of these features work together to provide plumbing professionals with unparalleled installation flexibility when working in the field. Plumbers now have a unit that conforms on the spot to fit their exact needs, no matter the install location, fuel type or existing venting.

“Innovation is at the heart of everything A. O. Smith does and the Adapt series is no different. When designing and manufacturing this product, flexibility was our top priority. We’re providing contractors with the ultimate hot water toolkit,” said Isaac Wilson, A. O. Smith tankless senior product manager. “We understand that contractors are not just in the field; they are also on the clock. With the Adapt line, contractors can meet a homeowner’s needs without having to go back to their wholesaler to get a different unit or without having to carry additional inventory in their truck— saving them both time and money.”

The Adapt tankless water heaters also include several high-end features that are frequently requested by homeowners, such as Wi-Fi capability for remote monitoring and peace of mind and an integrated recirculation pump that provides instant hot water and eliminates the time homeowners typically spend waiting at their fixture for the water to heat up.

Available in 160,000-; 180,000-, and 199,000-BTU/hr units, the Adapt line of water heaters fits a variety of needs. Plus, the unit is equipped with A. O. Smith’s patented X3® Scale Prevention Technology which inhibits scale build-up and corrosion to extend the life of the unit up to three times longer. With zero lifetime descaling maintenance, the Adapt tankless water heater meets the needs of busy installers and homeowners.  Units also qualify for numerous state and local rebates and are ENERGY STAR® certified.

To learn more about the Adapt Tankless Water Heater line and A. O. Smith’s full suite of offerings, visit www.hotwater.com.

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