A Quick Guide to Buying Used Construction Equipment

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Construction equipment is a vital component of any construction project. It helps to perform tasks necessary for construction projects, such as moving materials, preparing the soil, and building. You might already know that it’s essential to choose the right equipment when purchasing a new piece of construction equipment.

But have you ever thought about buying used construction equipment? There are many advantages to buying used over new, including reduced costs, lower operating costs, and increased resale value. This article will share some of the key factors you should consider when purchasing used construction equipment.

Not only can buying used construction equipment save you money on new machine purchases, but it also helps to reduce your carbon footprint and improve the environment because less machinery is being manufactured and transported from other parts of the world. For these reasons, along with many others listed below, now may be an ideal time for people to buy a piece or two of their own!

Things you should consider before buying used construction equipment

1. Consider Your Specific Requirements  

When you consider buying used construction equipment, the first thing that needs to be done is to understand exactly what type of projects your company performs. This will help narrow down which pieces of equipment have a better fit with your business and make it much easier for you to find the right pieces of equipment.

The more specific your business requirements, the more likely it is that you can find a better fit between what you are looking for and precisely what used construction equipment is available. For trade professionals, this will help you to narrow down what types of machines are needed for your industry.

2. Evaluate the Service History 

Once you know what type of equipment your company needs and how specific the requirements are for it, then consider evaluating the service history. This is a very important factor when purchasing used construction equipment as most machines have varying amounts of hours on them.

The older or more utilized some piece of machinery may be, there will obviously be less wear and tear on it which means that if anything does break down in use, you will not need to replace any equipment immediately.

3. Inspect Important Systems 

When you buy a house, you check every aspect, such as the window size, wall colors, or the type of flooring, which is made of polished concrete or hardwood. Similarly, before purchasing used construction equipment it is important to do a thorough inspection of the machine in order to ensure that everything will function properly and efficiently.

If something doesn’t work correctly, then this means that your company might need more than one piece of machinery or could even be forced into buying new machines due to a lack of functionality.

It’s because all these factors are so important that most companies like yours would want a closer look at each individual piece before making any final decisions.

4. Consider Operating Hours

Construction equipment that is used frequently can be a great asset to your company in the long run, but if it’s not something you actually need then perhaps this isn’t the best option for you. 

If however, most of your operations revolve around heavy-duty machinery such as cranes or excavators, then these machines will require much more maintenance time than those which are less intensive on labor and materials. 

In addition to using up resources like fuel oil, these powerful machines will also require frequent repairs and replacements which can often be very costly.

For trade professionals, this can often mean that the longer you own a piece of machinery, the more money it will cost to run. Because of these factors, construction equipment which is used on a regular basis is much more likely to be sold during your first year in operation.

5. Know the Warning Signs 

Despite the fact that construction machinery does not need to be taken care of as carefully and diligently as other types of machines, it is still important for you to know what signs can help you determine whether or not a purchase would actually benefit your company. 

If there are any loud noises coming from the machine all day long then this might mean something’s wrong. While this may seem like nothing more than normal everyday wear and tear, but in terms of purchasing used equipment, this is a major red flag you should look out for.

6. Choose a Reputable Manufacturer 

When you’re buying used construction equipment, make sure that the manufacturer of the unit is reputable. Many companies will not be honest about their machines as well as any problems they may have had with them in order to get rid of them at a reduced price. 

This can lead to serious safety issues for both your employees and customers alike which could result in reputations being damaged for years or even decades after the fact.

7. Purchase Through Trusted Dealer

Products used in construction are subject to specific codes and regulations that govern their use. For example, when building a house, it’s essential to use the proper materials, or you could potentially risk giving your customer unsafe products which could harm them. 

To avoid these types of problems, we recommend purchasing from a trusted dealer rather than doing an internet search for the best prices. It is essential to buy construction trade professional equipment from the manufacturer or a trusted dealer if you are looking for an affordable and reliable option. 

The advantages of buying through an authorized dealer include renting the equipment for a discounted price, having access to service and parts that are readily available, and being confident in the quality of their products.

 8. Check the Fluids

The most common problem with used construction equipment is there’s a leak. You must determine how much of the fluid leaks and where it leaked from. You should also note when this happened so you can avoid future problems like that in the first place by ensuring your used machines are maintained properly or replaced if possible. 

Some fluids will dry up over time, but some cannot be flushed out to prevent leaking at other places for example transmission lines or bearings, etc. Look for grease on the drive shafts.  Many machines do not come with it from the factory, so you know how well maintained your machine is and if there are problems of any kind before it gets to you or yourself.

Many trade professionals recommend using an oil additive and have found that it has greatly improved their machines.  If you can’t find a used machine with the fluids intact, they recommend having them flushed out to ensure no leaks are occurring in the first place or from there on out.


Buying used construction equipment can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. By reading this blog post, you’ll learn how to evaluate a used piece of equipment before buying it and what things you should consider before making your purchase. 

A well-loved piece of equipment can often prove to be the most reliable option, so if you are looking for a used construction machine that is used occasionally, then this would be an excellent way to go. 

However, we recommend purchasing through a trusted dealer as they will have all of your needs covered and provide consistent quality products that come with warranties. If you are in the market for used construction equipment, we hope that this blog post will help guide you in the right direction!

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