ADEY Honored with Third Queen’s Award

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Pittsburgh—ADEY, a UK-based company that first brought its magnetic filtration technology to the United States just over two years ago, has been awarded with a third Queen’s Award for its pioneering work in maintaining and protecting central heating systems around the world from the dangers of damaging iron oxide sludge.

The Queen’s Award for Enterprise in International Trade celebrates ADEY’s outstanding growth in overseas markets. Since pioneering magnetic filtration technology in the U.K. more than a decade ago, ADEY has built upon its homegrown success and now trades in 19 European countries as well as China, the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

John Vaughan (left), Managing Director at ADEY, and Edward Davies (right), Chief Operating Officer, with Dame Jane Trotter (center), Her Majesty’s Lord Lieutenant of Gloucestershire, who presented the Award for Enterprise for its pioneering work in the world-wide maintenance and protection of central heating systems from the dangers of damaging iron oxide sludge.

The issues caused by the presence of black iron oxide sludge and corrosion are all too familiar to U.S. contractors, who expect the possibility of corrosion in any heating system where heated water passes through cast iron or copper pipework, radiators and boilers. Increasingly, ADEY’s solutions are internationally regarded for their ability to clean, maintain, protect and test hydronic heating systems. Products like MagnaClean magnetic dirt filters, ADEY’s full line of water treatment formulas, and MagnaCleanse system flushing units are saving money, energy and time across the globe.

“We’re delighted and incredibly proud to receive this great honor, which is the U.K.’s highest accolade for business success and the third of its kind for ADEY,” said Edward Davies, ADEY’s Chief Operating Officer.

“Since Chris Adey invented magnetic filtration technology, ADEY has revolutionized heating system protection and maintenance, investing in the development of the very best magnetic filters and water treatment chemicals,” he continued. “No other business in our sector has been awarded a Queen’s Award for Innovation in two separate product areas, and this is because we believe quality and performance are critical. Not all products on the market are created equally, and ADEY stands apart because we give heating installers confidence that they’re buying products that are proven to work.”

“Damage caused by corrosion in heating systems isn’t unique to the UK. This latest Queen’s Award is testament to ADEY’s efforts in spreading the message and providing a solution for an issue that’s causing a headache for heating installers all around the world.”

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