AERCO Introduces CFR, World’s First Stainless Steel Condensing Boiler that can be Installed in Category I Vent

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New CFR Boiler Simplifies Setup, Optimizes System Efficiency and Operation, and is Cost-efficient Solution to Meet Emerging Regulation

AERCO, a Watts brand, introduces the CFR boiler, the world’s first stainless steel condensing Category I boiler that features up to 87.6% thermal efficiency. Offering the highest efficiency in a Category I boiler, as well as a compact footprint and AERCO’s  advanced Edge® Controller to simplify setup and optimize system efficiency and operation, CFR enables building owners and facility managers to cost-effectively upgrade their boiler plant and maximize performance without replacing existing Cat I/Type B venting.

Building on its 75 years of industry leadership and engineering, AERCO designed the CFR to be a cost-effective approach to replace a non-condensing boiler plant with a condensing model by eliminating the need to update piping and venting typically required for condensing operation. Available in 1500 MBH and 3000 MBH models, CFR helps building owners cost-effectively and confidently comply with local and national regulations requiring the installation of boilers with greater energy efficiency.

Ideal for Retrofit Projects

CFR is an ideal hydronic heating solution for the retrofit commercial market, as it delivers energy savings, reliable heat, and flexible, cost-saving installation in a compact footprint. Its advanced design and technology maintain dry flue gas while exceeding efficiency standards. The boiler achieves best-in-class efficiency while safely reusing existing Category I/Type B venting, making it an economical solution. An industry-unique warranty against condensate corrosion provides added peace of mind and improves the lifetime value of the boiler.

Further optimizing the CFR boiler for retrofit projects is the Edge Controller. The revolutionary technology optimizes system efficiency and operation as well as easily integrates the CFR boiler with a facility-wide Energy Management or Building Automation System (BAS).

Designed to easily connect with AERCO’s SmartPlate® EV indirect water heater, the CFR boiler can also be part of a smart, powerful combination plant to promote further system-wide energy efficiency in a cost-effective manner.

“We’re thrilled to introduce the CFR boiler because it provides building owners and facility managers with a reliable, cost-effective replacement to their current Category I boiler. CFR is a best-in-class retrofit solution because of its unmatched energy efficiency. It also significantly reduces cost of ownership due to its installation flexibility, outstanding warranty, reliable performance, and ease of maintenance,” said Christian Zapata, Product Manager, Hydronic Solutions, AERCO.

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