AHR Snapshots: tekmar Smart Boiler Control 294

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The evolution of boiler controls continues with tekmar’s Smart Boiler Control 294, as seen at this year’s 2022 AHR Expo. Manage multiple buildings, each with up to 16 boilers, and remotely adjust boiler settings and view real-time boiler operations with mirrored controls on Watts OnSite web and mobile app.

The 294 can be retroactively fit to any brand of boiler—old and new—and will send system alerts vi text, email and push notifications to help maintain boiler efficiency, operability and performance.

Key Benefits:

• Single solution for new construction and retrofits

• Remote, real-time access to one, or fleet or fleet of buildings

• Save on maintenance and operational expenses, labor costs and repairs

• Instant alerts via phone, text or email

• Works with any brand of boiler

• Expandable to 16 boilers

• 5″ color touchscreen with setup wizard