AHRI Cert. Program for DX Systems

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AHRI Launches Certification Program for DX-Dedicated Outdoor Air System Units

Arlington, Va. — The Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) today announced a new certification program for DX-Dedicated Outdoor Air System Units (DOAS), which condition outdoor ventilation air independently from the building system, allowing for improved humidity levels and greater energy savings.

“DOAS marks AHRI’s 41st certification program,” said Vice President of Certification Bill Tritsis. “AHRI is committed to serving the heating, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration, and water heating industry by independently verifying manufacturers’ performance ratings for a variety of equipment.”

The scope of the program applies to 60 Hz production models of dedicated outdoor air system units. The equipment in the program is rated and tested in accordance with AHRI Standard 920, Performance Rating of DX-Dedicated Outdoor Air System Units. The following ratings are verified by this standard:

  • Moisture removal capacity (lb of moisture/h)
  • Moisture removal efficiency (lb of moisture/kWh)

The AHRI Product Performance Certification Program is a voluntary program, administered and governed by AHRI, which ensures that various types of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration, and water heating equipment perform according to manufacturers’ published claims. Products certified through the program are continuously tested, at the direction of AHRI, by an independent third-party laboratory, under contract to AHRI, to determine the product’s ability to conform to one or more product rating standards or specifications.

Manufacturers interested in joining the DOAS program may contact Danny Abbate. Performance data for certified products in this program will be available in the AHRI Directory of Certified Product Performance (www.ahridirectory.org).

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