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Particular care needs to be taken when piping a radiant system. This same care should be taken when securing wires on a PV system, but it often is not. One of my favorite things to check out on The Hub, is when John and Eric show these horrible examples of what not to do. I do not have any technical or hands on experience in designing, or assembling hydronics, just what I have learned from my buddy Bob “Hot Rod” Rohr at my time at Caleffi. But, I can obviously come to the reaction of, “What in the world was that guy thinking?!?”

Now I am in the solar industry, and I see a lot of similar practices. Some really good. And some really bad. Here are a few examples:

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 5.28.35 AM

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 5.29.24 AM

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 5.29.33 AM

These are high voltage cables totally unprotected from the harsh environments that a PV system can face. Poor wire management can lead to long term system issues, similar to mineral buildups in pumps on radiant systems. Making sure you are protecting homeowner’s investments right away is critical, and it is often the small details that get over looked. These little details can add up to thousands of dollars in repairs in just a few years.

Through manufacturer-hosted webinars like we offer at HellermannTyton, called “Beyond the Panel,” we are able to discuss:

  • Navigating you through shifting guidelines and regulations
  • Teaching best practices critical to system performance, maintenance and cost of ownership
  • Demonstrating why component materials and design matter
  • Taking on other important industry challenges and changes in future webinars

Whether it is Coffee with Caleffi talking about hydronics, or Beyond the Panel talking about solar PV, these trainings are fantastic opportunities for free training that is invaluable when you are out on the job. What I enjoy most about these industry specific trainings, is we are creating a team of “lookouts”, spreading the word of sweating the small stuff. A lot of industry professionals already do this, but every person counts! By paying attention to the details, we can create a sustainable industry where the homeowner and business owners are happy with their investments for the life of the system.

korth2Nick Korth is product marketing manager — Energies, HellermannTyton, Milwaukee, Wis.

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