Armstrong Fluid Technology’s Design Envelope Technology Now Available In Single Phase Pumps

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TORONTO – To meet the need for optimum efficiency and energy savings across all building loads, Armstrong Fluid Technology has announced that its innovative Design Envelope pumps are now also available with single phase motors.

Ideal for light commercial, residential and industrial applications using single phase power, the new pumps allow designers, contractors, project managers and building owners to choose the best pumping solution for their specific needs. “For applications using single phase power, engineers and contractors can now choose Design Envelope solutions and get all the benefits of the technology. Design Envelope pumps offer a unique combination of low installed cost, versatility, energy efficiency and responsive, variable speed operation.” said Wayne Rose, Global Marketing Manager – Pumps.

With the new single phase pumps, Armstrong now offers a complete selection of high-efficiency pumping solutions to serve a broad range of operating requirements.  The innovative Design Envelope features include:

  • Sensorless variable speed control
  • Integration of pump and controller
  • Space-saving Vertical In-Line design
  • Compliance with ASHRAE ASHRAE 90.1 energy efficiency guidelines
  • Industry leading flexibility

“Designers and installers are seeking pumping solutions that offer the lowest installed costs and lowest life cost with industry-leading operating efficiencies across the entire range of duty requirements,” Wayne Rose summarized.  “Armstrong now offers fluid technology solutions for all our customers’ pumping needs.”

Single phase motors are now available on IVS102 and Design Envelope pumps up to 7.5hp

4300 Grey 004 MC final

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