Axiom Glycol Feeder & Expansion Tank Bracket

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I recently installed the Axiom digital mini feeder system [DMF150] with their Hydronode expansion tank support system.

The Axiom DMF150 feeder was used on the #duluthbuild project because the system is filled with propylene glycol for freeze protection. The feeder eliminates the need for a pressure reducing valve and back flow protection because it is not connected to the potable water.

Axiom System Feeder DMF150 & Hydronode

The DMF150 will maintain a (programmable) upper and lower pressure on the hydronic system. The feeder also has NO/NC contacts for an alarm in the event there is a leak on the system or the tank level is too low. Another cool feature this model has that other brands I’ve used do not would be the easy mount wall bracket. The bracket is screwed to the wall, has to metal tabs that hook into to holes molded into the 4.5 gallon reservoir. The fill port is tilted slightly and in front making it easy to pour into. The digital display is clear and backlit, the included power cord even comes with a wall bracket.

The Hydronode rear/bottom valve connection is the intended connection point for makeup water or a system feeder. Because of the piping layout I chose to connect the feeder as shown to eliminate unwanted piping and fittings. The valve is off and now plugged.

Finally, the Hydronode can be ordered without the valves as well. As shown it ships assembled with three 1/2” ball valves, an manual air vent and a plugged opening gauge port. The Hydronode, like the Flexconsole I have been using for a couple years, provides support and install location flexibility which shaves time off my installs.

In conclusion, I like that and will continue to use these bracket systems for all my installs. Check your supplier for pricing.

Axiom DMF150 System Feeder

Top view showing inlet filter and purge/pump prime valve through tank opening.

Axiom Hydronode


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