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I’ve been going on and on for a couple years about my current tool bag, the Veto Tech OT-MC. Its an open-top model that’s compact but packed with features. The OT-MC is made by the now famous VetoProPac brand headquartered in Connecticut [most products made in China, some here in the US].

VetoProPac’s tagline is “Tool Bags That Work”. I have to agree 100%, I have been a Veto owner now for many years, my first bag was a huge OT-XL and its still kicking today. I chose the Tech OT-MC in December of 2017 for one main reason: I needed to lighten the load I was carrying on and off the truck, in and out of client’s houses and office spaces. The OT-MC allowed me to do just that. I must have shed nearly 20lbs of unneeded tools, I say unneeded because I wasn’t using them even once a week in some cases.

Shopping ButtonThe center compartment is a hard plastic bucket if you will, it accepts up to three of Veto’s reposition-able square insert box with lid (the bag includes one) and that’s where I keep larger tools like a copper tubing cutter, PEX cutter, pipe dope and a small socket set. With 28 interior & exterior pockets the VetoProPac Tech OT-MC has a spot for just about anything I need on a daily basis.

Often times during the heating season you’ll see me clipping their meter bag (MB, MB2) on either end via the stainless steel ring on the exterior. The MB/MB2 has my meters and manometer, clipping it onto the outside of the OT-MC immediately converts my setup into a no heat assault weapon.

I’ve used an abused my Vetos. I’m less of a fanboy than I am a true fan; these bags are built to last and last they do. Some of my friends have gone as far as getting Veto tattoos, I’ll just stick to loving my bag for what it does best…keeping me organized and helping me make money.

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