Bluon and Sera to Integrate Their Innovative Platforms

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Both companies recognize enormous potential to bring efficiencies to the HVAC industry

Bluon, Inc. and Sera Systems, Inc., two of the most innovative software companies in HVAC, announce their plan to join forces to modernize and bring a new level of productivity to the HVAC industry from OEM to distributor to contractor to technician and all the way to the consumer.

HVAC is a well-established $150 billion industry, yet Gallup estimates that on average HVAC businesses are operating at a staggering low 38% efficiency. Together, Bluon and Sera, for the first time, can materially impact these inefficiencies through the combined power of their next-generation platforms, which are both focused on creating far more efficient and effective technicians in the field.

Bluon, home of the largest HVAC community on earth, supports HVAC contractors, and their technicians in the field, while connecting them with their local brick-and-mortar distributors increasing their quality of life, productivity and bottom line. With Bluon, techs finally have a single source that is brand-agnostic for community interaction, equipment documentation, live 24/7 tech support and for acquiring parts and materials from their local distributors. Bluon provides the first data and transactional throughline from OEM to distributor to contractor to technician, providing material value to each.

Sera, the fastest growing field service management software in the industry, partners with contractors to improve their bottom line by optimizing key business levers: time management, tech efficiency, cash flow and membership management. Sera’s unique platform and consultative approach enables small, medium and large contractors alike to see an enormous impact on their business in just a few months. As a result, Sera’s customers are guaranteed to improve their margins by 50% or more within six months.

“From the very beginning, Sera was developed to bring efficiencies to all areas of a contractor’s business. With Bluon, we are realizing efficiencies we never thought possible,” said Billy Stevens, CEO and founder of Sera.

Bluon and Sera plan to integrate their two innovative platforms, which will create the first comprehensive solution connecting contractors up and down the supply chain — bringing material value to all stakeholders, including OEMs, distributors and end user customers.

The power of a Bluon-Sera integration is their combined ability to impact and monetize so many channels connected to the contractor through their interaction and value created with their distributors, customers and even OEMs. This creates a clear and not too distant future, where direct SaaS fees will no longer be needed for a combined offering. The very use of the software creates substantial revenue streams as it provides direct tangible value to the stakeholders paying to connect to the Bluon-Sera next generation ecosystem. This is the future.

“This integration is laying the foundation for a future where contractors, small and large, won’t be charged a penny to have access to a suite of services and best-in-class software tools. The idea of making these services and tools readily available to the small one-to-five-man shops — which make up 65% of the industry! — is truly exciting!” said Bluon CEO and founder Peter Capuciati.

Today, Bluon and Sera announce their plans to begin integration while they encourage each other’s customers to adopt both platforms to gain immediate and meaningful benefit during the 2023 season. This approach will not only bring substantial value to their shared contractor customers, but will provide valuable insights and feedback to inform the full integration of their two innovative platforms.

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