Bosch FHP LV heat pump

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FHP-LV-splits1Designed specifically for the new construction and replacement/retrofit market, the small footprint LV Split System heat pump comes in 8 sizes – 1.5 through 6 tons – and permits the condensing section to be placed remotely from the air handler section, allowing the unit to be placed in locations where space is limited or where the condenser needs to located away from occupied areas to ensure minimum sound levels. The air handler section may be concealed within a variety of areas in the building for convenient connection to ventilation ducts.

LV Split Systems feature a standard cabinet constructed of G-90 galvanized steel along with an ECM constant torque blower motor (an ECM constant airflow motor is optional). Thermal expansion valves (TXV) are included as a standard feature with the LV Split System and are located in the condensing section and also in the air handler, ensuring optimal refrigerant flow.

Standard 1” MERV-5 filters are standard on the LV Split System with 2” pleated MERV-8 and MERV-13 filters available as options. Uncoated coils are standard with DuoGuard-protected coils optional. Other options available on LV packaged units are also available on LV Split Systems. More information on LV Model Split Systems can be found at

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