Bosch Greenstar gas condensing boiler

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GreenstarFS-0047_RTBosch Thermotechnology’s popular wall-mounted Greenstar gas condensing boiler for residential applications is now available in a floor standing version for all eight regular (heat) and combi (heat+hot water) models: regular heat only models 57, 79, 100, 131, 151 MBH inputs and combi heat+hot water 100, 131, 151 MBH inputs. With its sleek appliance-like design and small footprint, Greenstar FS models are ideal for use in applications where wall-mounting options are not available or a floor standing unit is preferred.

Greenstar Floor Standing Series boilers are fully modulating condensing boilers that are CSA and ASME approved. Based on the popular Greenstar wall-mounted boilers, floor standing boilers achieve an ENERGY STAR Most Efficient rating of 95%.

All Greenstar models are equipped with pump, pressure relief valve, propane conversion kit and twin pipe flue adaptor. FS models have integrated low-loss header and temperature sensor. Regular heat-only models contain an indirect hot water tank sensor; combi models include an expansion vessel. Minimum gas pressure of 3.5” wc makes the Greenstar FS boiler suitable for low gas pressure lines, especially in large cities.

All eight floor standing models retain the same boiler control and heat exchanger offered on existing Greenstar wall-mounted boilers, and offer both room sealed and open flue options.

Greenstar models are ideal for heating and domestic hot water applications, to include radiant heating with panel radiators, for use in small studios to full-size homes, and are especially quiet in operation. Since 2001 more than 1.5 million Greenstar units have been sold worldwide.

Ease of installation is facilitated by an integrated circulator on boiler models and an expansion vessel on combi models. By integrating a low loss header, there are no flow restrictions for the heat exchanger. Piping connections to replace existing boiler installations can be accomplished in just over 30 minutes on average (verified by an independent test institute). A flexible vent liner can be used to fit an existing chimney, making venting fast and easy.

Maintenance is also reduced due to the Greenstar FS boiler’s coated heat exchanger that significantly reduces scale formation and helps maintain peak efficiency for an extended operational lifetime.

Greenstar FS models come with a limited lifetime warranty on heat exchangers and 5 years on parts and labor.

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