Bosch Thermotechnology Expands SSB System with New System Integration Module

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The addition of 4-in-1 Low Loss Header (LLH) accessory closes the gap to provide a fully contained boiler system

Bosch Thermotechnology, a leading global source of high-quality heating and cooling systems, today announced its Stainless Steel Boiler (SSB) Low Loss Header (LLH) accessory, completing its SSB System for a fully contained, compact boiler solution.

The Bosch SSB LLH 4-in-1 combination separator incorporates hydraulic separation, air separation, dirt separation and ferrous impurity separation. The dirt and magnetic separator helps to ensure clean water circulation through the boiler loop. With one hot water supply and one water return, every connection is only used once. Temperature is not an issue with this system, which is ideal for temperatures from 32 – 194˚F without insulation.

“We’re thrilled to be the first in the market to provide four-in-one performance functionality for a fully contained boiler system,” said Christopher Kyes, Product Manager at Bosch Thermotechnology. “This full system provides simple installation and maintenance, whether in a new build or retrofitting to an existing building, offering a high efficiency boiler solution.”

The Bosch SSB Low Loss Header features include:

  • Hydraulic separation, air separation, dirt separation, and ferrous impurity separation
  • Suitable for water and glycol solutions
  • Max Pressure range 80 PSI
  • Pipes can be fitted on either side of the boiler
  • Integrated 75PSI pressure relief valves
  • 5-year non-prorated heat exchanger warranty

The SSB System was engineered by Bosch on a single platform design, making installation and commissioning easy, regardless of the output required. With an efficiency of 96 percent, the SSB is loaded with standard features that include dedicated boiler pumps, two heat exchangers and on-board control with weather compensation, practical control solutions for any application and several venting options, as well as many other features.

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