Bosch Thermotechnology Introduces Intelligent Control Modules for Bosch & Buderus Boilers

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NSC Modules CompositeBosch Thermotechnology has introduced a New System Control (NSC) package of intelligent modules designed to control single or multiple zone systems for increased indoor comfort and greater energy savings. The NSC tightly controls energy use through two-way communications with a range of high efficiency (95% AFUE) Bosch and Buderus condensing boiler offerings: Greenstar wall-mounted and floor-standing boilers, Buderus GB142 and GB162 boilers for larger homes and light commercial applications.

The Bosch NSC is similar to other multi-zone control systems for installation, wiring and set-up purposes using plug and play wiring terminals. However, it also comes with these unique features and functionality assets:

  • Ability to have two-way communication from the Bosch or Buderus boiler to the NSC’s Comfort Room Controller (CRC100) and Comfort Zone Manager (CZM100) modules.
  • Indoor feedback/load compensation operations to increase efficiency and comfort.
  • Load compensation that targets supply water temperature similar to outdoor reset functions. This allows the boiler to fire to a lower supply water temperature to satisfy demand, increasing energy savings while reducing complexity and OA Reset curve set-up.
  • Need for only one zone module (CZM100) for either system zone valves and circulators.

The Bosch NSC residential-light commercial zone control package consists of three modules:

Comfort Zone Manager (CZM100)

The CZM100 is a three-zone control that is expandable up to eight zones and can activate either circulators or zone valves. The CZM100 monitors changes in room temperature and adjusts the boiler’s water temperature and firing rate to reduce energy use.It operates the heating system at the lowest possible input in order to reduce room temperature swings. No programming of the CZM100 is required.

Comfort Room Controller (CRC100)

The CRC100 is a simple, easy to operate thermostat with an integrated temperature sensor that can be used as a boiler control or in conjunction with the CZM100 for multi-zone room control. Providing the boiler with more than a simple on/off signal, the CRC100 provides an exact supply water temperature command. It comes preprogrammed with default settings for the most common application and is installed using a simple boiler integrated plug and play control.

Comfort Room Controller (CRC200)

An advanced version of the CRC100, the CRC200 adds a programmable time schedule, back lighting as well as push buttons for Menu, Auto Run, Hold Run and Back functions. It also offers additional capabilities and communication with the boiler such as display of the boiler temperature, target temperature and an optional outdoor temperature sensor. Its integrated temperature sensor can be used as a boiler control or, in conjunction with the CZM100, as a room controller.

The CRC200 can also operate an indirect water heater in parallel with the clock program or continuously.

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