Caleffi QuickSetter Balancing Technology Available for Flanged Pipe Applications

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Caleffi QuickSetter ImageThe balancing valve accurately controls the flow rate of heating and cooling transfer fluid supplied to air handlers,fan coils and terminal units; or where flow balancing is required in solar thermal systems. Proper hydronic system balancing ensures the system operates according to design specifications, providing satisfactory thermal comfort with low energy consumption.

Caleffi introduces QuickSetter balancing technology  for flanged pipe applications”

  • Quick setting static hydronic balancing valve with integral flowmeter. Negates need for a DP tool.
  • Exclusive non-wetted flow scale stays clean for easy reading. Adjustable memory pointer.
  • High adjustment accuracy via smooth hand-wheel movement and characterized outlet
  • Rotation indicator with lock for tamper resistance
  • ANSI 150 flanged. Flow ranges: 2-1/2″ (30-105 GPM), 3″ (38-148 GPM), 4″ (55-210 GPM)
  • Cooling and heating rated. Temperature range 14 to 230 °F (-10 to 110 °C)
  • Glycol compatible (up to 50% concentration)
  • Isolation valves on flowmeter bypass protect flow path & allow easy meter removal and service.

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