Caleffi’s High Performance SinkMixer™

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Cutting-edge innovation in temperature mixing

The Caleffi 5212 Series SinkMixer™ is a scald protection, under-sink thermostatic mixing valve used to deliver safe tempered water where the user must be protected from the danger of scalding caused by hot water.  The convenient 4-port design simplifies piping and minimizes connection points.  It features a cold water bypass to the fixture that eliminates the need for additional piping and a tee that would be required with a 3-port design.

SinkMixer is precision engineered with forged DZR low-lead brass that resists corrosion and provides high flow capacity in a compact body.  The low friction, high-performance moving internal parts resist scaling to ensure stable, accurate temperature control.  Peroxide-cured EPDM elastomers resist chlorine and chloramine, which can be present in public water supplies, ensuring long valve life.

Installers appreciate the stand-off wall bracket for sturdy mounting and simple hose connection.   Maintenance is easily accommodated with replaceable inlet check valves and stainless steel mesh filters.  The filters provide maximum debris protection.   Tamper-resistant locking nut and cap prevents unauthorized set point adjustments.

SinkMixer is available with fitting hardware that includes (1) plug for cold outlet port (used for automatic sinks which have a one pipe connection for tempered water) and (4) nuts and (4) ferrules (sleeves) for use with pipe-types other than flexible stainless steel hoses.


Rest assured.  SinkMixer is ICC-ES certified compliant to ASSE 1070/ASME A112.1070/CSA B125.70 (Performance Requirements for Water Temperature Limiting Devices) and NSF/ANSI/CAN 61-2019 and IPC, IRC, UPC and NPC for drinking water systems in accordance with U.S. and Canadian plumbing codes

SinkMixer is an important part of the LEGIOMIX® domestic hot water (DHW) control system that was recognized by the AHR Innovation Awards panelists as a finalist in the 2022 Sustainable Solutions category.  Caleffi’s DHW system – a product trifecta – consists of three components:  A LEGIOMIX digital mixing valve, ThermoSetter™ thermal balancing valves and SinkMixer anti-scald mixing valves.  Combined this product trifecta promotes energy efficient DHW recirculation system design, while enabling safe and effective thermal disinfection cycles to control Legionella.

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