Centrotherm Debuts Air Excellent Air Management System

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Centrotherm Eco Systems, manufacturer of the InnoFlue® Polypropylene Vent System and the BlitzFlex® Air-intake Solution, is proud to announce the release of Air Excellent, the company’s foray into air management systems.

With environmental, viral, and hygienic concerns at the fore of our consciousness, clean, safe air quality in the home has never been more important. Air Excellent was fully engineered to deliver on this essential need as well as the air quality demands of the future.

A dedicated system for HRV and ERV, Air Excellent allows you to independently control the air quality in each room. The system was designed to increase oxygen levels while reducing carbon monoxide, VOCs, viral load, bacteria, and mold growth. Precisely balanced air exchange for every room in the house is achieved using a proprietary pressure configurator that continuously calculates the pressure drops over the duct runs. Besides the improved air quality, the system features a lower profile and improved air seal over traditional tin duct systems that can support open concept floor plans.

Mike Sokaris, Centrotherm Director of Sales said “Air Excellent is a natural evolution for Centrotherm‘s product portfolio. Thousands of successful installs in Europe show a track record of proven technology which we are excited to introduce to the Canadian market. Alongside our other products, Air Excellent fits perfectly with our company’s philosophy of pioneering new building solutions. We think every member of the value chain will come to recognize this as the best air management system on the market.”

Air Excellent will first be made available in the Canadian market and will eventually be offered to the remainder of Centrotherm’s North American territory.

Centrotherm has made several key personnel additions to support the launch of Air Excellent. Daniel Smith, Centrotherm’s Canadian regional sales manager, will oversee a network of manufacturer’s representatives in each province.

Please visit AirExcellent.ca and refer to the contact list on the following page for regional Air Excellent representation.

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