CEO Warrior becomes a gold sponsor of Women in HVACR

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The business development, training and mentoring group believes in encouraging women to enter the trades and sees its sponsorship of the nonprofit as a way to empower women

CEO Warrior, a nationally recognized business development, training and implementation organization for the service business industry, announced today that it has become a gold sponsor of Women in HVACR, a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering women in the heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration trades.

CEO Warrior believes in encouraging women to enter the trades and sees its sponsorship of Women in HVACR as a way to empower women in the home service sector.

CEO Warrior’s gold sponsorship is in the consultant and services category.

“Women in HVACR’s mission of encouraging women to enter the trades is something we at CEO Warrior wholeheartedly support,” CEO Warrior CEO Scott Bohannon said. “It not only empowers women, it helps address one of the biggest hurdles the service industry faces – the labor shortage. We’re very proud of this relationship.”

Sponsorships to Women in HVACR are used to enhance women’s roles in the trades industry by providing education, mentoring and networking opportunities for women who are currently working in the industry and to women who are interested in joining the trades.

“We are thrilled to welcome our new partnership with CEO Warrior, a company that recognizes the invaluable contributions of women in the HVACR industry,” said Women in HVACR Board of Directors Vice President Kristin Gallup, who also serves as the director of product management marketing for Carrier Enterprise. “This collaboration is a testament to the growing importance of supporting and empowering women in the home service sector. As we continue to break barriers and shatter stereotypes, this sponsorship not only enhances our program but also sends a powerful message about the strength and resilience of women. Together, we are creating a more inclusive and diverse future for the HVACR industry, where every woman can thrive and excel.”

CEO Warrior is the highest-level business training and implementation organization in the trades industry. It hires mentors who have thrived in the trades industry to provide training and consultation services to leaders in the trades who want to grow and scale their companies.

“Women in HVACR have commendable diversity and inclusivity initiatives that I am eager to endorse,” said CEO Warrior Director of Business Development Caroline Moriarty. “This collaboration provides CEO Warrior with the opportunity to actively contribute to and create more opportunities for women in the HVACR industry.”

Women in HVACR was formed in 2002 during the AHR Expo after founders Ruth King and Gwen Hoskins began discussing ways to increase female participation in the trades industry while attending the event, held annually in Chicago.

Women in HVACR is an organization that fosters networking, education and mentoring for women in the industry. The group encourages women already in the industry and fosters growth for more females to become involved. The organization has scholarship and mentor programs aimed at helping women establish themselves in the trades.

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