Clearing up Heat Transfer: Glycol Decoded

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Finding the perfect mix of glycol and water in a hydronic system doesn’t have to be hard. Guest presenter John Panasewicz will discuss the best ways to specify and maintain water-glycol blends in boilers, chillers and other heat transfer applications. This pre-heating-season webinar will clear up the confusing aspects of antifreeze for designers and installers.

→ How do you know what percentage of glycol is best for your project?
→ What is the best way to maintain system fluid?
→ What is the difference between freeze and burst?
→ How can recovered glycol be reused?
→ How do air and dirt separation affect system fluids?

John was a founding member of the ASTM D15.30 Subcommittee on Heat Transfer Fluids and will provide both technical and practical insights on this topic. He is the Director of Technology at G2 Solutions in Denver, Colorado.