Coffee with Caleffi—Troubleshooting Hot water Recirculation:  A Case Study

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Thursday, Aug. 22
12 noon – 1:00 p.m. CDT

Coffee with Caleffi—Troubleshooting Hot water Recirculation, hydronics, hot water recirculation, water heating, coffee with caleffiHave you ever received a call from a large multi-family complex with residents complaining about instantaneous domestic hot water availability? Worse yet, have you been called out to investigate and repair pinhole leaks in a building’s DHW circulation return system? New to the series, Mark Eatherton is eager to share how he resolved a 40-year old recirculation problem that threatened to shut down a large, multi-family subsidized housing project due to a lack of readily available DHW in the building.

You’ll learn:

→ Where do I begin when balancing an existing system? What are the priorities?
→ What are the biggest challenges in correcting a poorly functioning system?
→ How do I size and apply thermal balancing valves in retrofit applications?

There aren’t many situations that Mark hasn’t encountered and resolved in his 40+ year career in the industry. He is a licensed Master Plumber (Colo.) and a licensed Master Mechanical Contractor under the ICC auspices. Did we mention that he loves to teach, write and educate and has been doing so for over 25 years? An avid supporter of the Radiant Professionals Alliance, he is employed by Advanced Hydronics, Inc. where he is responsible for designing, managing, training and troubleshooting tough plumbing and hydronic related problems.

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