Fieldpiece Combustion Analyzer CAT85 or CAT45

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As soon as a tech picks up a Fieldpiece Combustion Analyzer CAT85 or CAT45, they’ll know these robust, reliable tools are 100 percent Fieldpiece. They are sturdy, easy to use and packed with features that techs need. There’s nothing extra and nothing wasted. These tools are built for pros by pros.

First and foremost, they are from Fieldpiece, so techs know they’re using something that’s durable and built to perform in the field. From the one-touch start-up to the large, 5.5-inch displays, the CAT85 and CAT45 are built to quickly measure O2, CO, CO2, draft pressures and more. The bright screen makes it easy to view measurements, whether your jobsite is a dimly lit basement or bright rooftop. Also, they feature sturdy construction, rubberized casings and a magnetic back that easily sticks to ductwork to let the tech work hands-free. The padded hardline carrying case also includes multiple inserts for a printer and accessories.

The CAT45 is designed for techs working on residential furnaces. The CAT85 is for techs working in the trenches on residential furnaces and light commercial jobs and features a built-in dual-port manometer – meaning one less tool to carry to the job. What’s more is that the CAT85 automatically separates and returns accumulated water to the flue using the patent-pending HydroCycle™ Pump technology that saves time.

Their patent-pending SensorVault™ technology seals the sensors from the air during storage extending sensor life and lowering the cost of ownership.

One other thing that makes the Fieldpiece CAT85 and CAT45 unique is that right out of the box they seamlessly connect to the Fieldpiece Job Link® System App with industry-leading 1000’ wireless range. From just about anywhere on the jobsite a tech can view trends, draft pressures and customer details, all on one screen. These powerhouse tools also save customer data with dedicated fields for client information. If a job requires advanced diagnosis, a live trend report is available with O2, CO and CO2 readings plus they connect to a wireless printer for jobsites that require documentation printouts.

Learn more about the Combustion Analyzers CAT45 and CAT85 and all of our other innovative products.


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