Community college replaces old boilers with hybrid system

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Washington State Community College (WSCC) is a comprehensive two-year accredited community college located in Washington County, Ohio. Established in 1971 as Washington Technical College. WSCC offers its 2,300 students more than 50 programs of study in Arts & Sciences, Health Sciences, Business, Engineering and Industrial.

The building had two large, very old atmospheric water tube boilers with a variety of mechanical issues. The most notable was that the tubes were failing at a more increasing rate.


The customer wanted a more efficient trouble-free system all with a limited replacement budget. The challenge was that the original heating system was designed to supply 180 degree water in the winter while supplying 90-100 degree water for the summer heat coils. That cold water temperature in the summer would cause flue gas condensation and thermal shock to the boiler. The new system had to be able to handle both extremes.

washington county community college triumph

To meet the needs of the customer, Ray Wohlfarth, Fire & Ice Heating & Cooling recommended a “hybrid” heating system, which included two condensing boilers and two non-condensing boilers. This allowed the installed cost to be lower as the existing flues could be used for the two non-condensing 83% efficient boilers. They would be the lead boilers in the winter when the outside temperature was below 32 degrees F. The condensing boilers would be the lead boilers when the outside temperature was above 32 degrees F.

washington standardWith this type of “hybrid” system, the owner got the efficiency of a condensing system with the long life of a standard boiler system at a much lower installed cost than a condensing boiler plant. Each type of boiler is operating at the temperature at which it is most efficient. “The school was very pleased with the installation and has realized a fuel savings in excess of 25%,” says Ray Wohlfarth.

Date started: July 2011

Date Finished: September 2011

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