Condensing boilers provide hydronic comfort for sporting goods superstore

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Scheels All Sports is the newest addition to the Apache Mall in Rochester, Minn. The North Dakota-based, employee-owned retailer was founded in 1902 as a hardware & general merchandise store in Sabin, Minn. by German immigrant Frederick Scheel using earnings from his first potato harvest. Transitioning into a sporting goods retailer in 1954, Scheel’s currently operates 25 stores in 10 states.

The Apache Mall store is a showcase for the Rochester area’s largest selection of sports, fashion and footwear under one roof and comes with Scheel’s special features like sports simulators, service and repair shops and even its own coffee and treats concession.

The Hydronic System

The 144,000-sq.-ft. superstore comes with a hydronic fan coil system powered by eight Buderus GB162 gas-fired condensing boilers in cascade configuration, vented with PVC extending through the store’s roof for exhaust and intake air.  Superior Mechanical of Rochester was selected to accomplish the hydronic heat installation based on a design provided by Trogstad Engineering of Fargo, N.D.

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The Buderus GB162 in cascade can provide up to a full output of 2.24 MBH while having a high turndown ratio of 40 to 1 when full output is not required. They are controlled by two Buderus MCM 10 (Multi-Cascade Module) controls designed specifically for GB162 multiple boiler systems. MCM10 commercial controls allow the GB162 boilers to operate in cascade in either a series or parallel mode, allowing flexibility and the highest operational efficiency.

Fan coils provide space heating throughout the store and around its floor perimeter. In addition, Superior Mechanical installed radiant snow melting to the store’s entranceway and rear loading dock.

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Installation of the hydronic radiant heat-fan coil system commenced in the first part of 2015 and was completed this past April. Installation, boiler commissioning and functional testing, to include testing the boilers’ communications with the store’s BMS, went smoothly, according to commissioning agent Outcome Construction Services of Lenexa, Kan.

Information supplied by Bosch Thermotechnology.

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