Dan Antonelli delivers key branding insights for home service companies in best-selling “Branded Not Blanded”

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New book by the KickCharge® Creative president and leading authority on disruptive marketing for service businesses provides invaluable blueprint for driving growth with branding

Dan Antonelli, creative director and president of KickCharge® Creative and a pioneer in disruptive branding for the home service industry, shares critical insights that help small service business owners grow in his new best-selling book, “Branded Not Blanded: KickCharge™ Your Home Service Brand.”

Antonelli has created more than 2,000 brand designs in his career, establishing him as the leading authority on successful branding for service companies. “Branded Not Blanded,” available now for pre-order on the Amazon website, leverages his experience to offer business owners a blueprint for creating a killer home service brand.

“This book is the ultimate guide to creative branding that helps businesses stand out from the competition, attract the right clients and employees, and win the hearts and minds of their ideal customers,” Antonelli said. “Complacency and weak branding — or ‘blanding’ — hold back so many home service companies. But recognizing weak branding is an opportunity to change the direction of your company and improve your culture. There are many weak brands in the service industry, and it’s easy to leverage that for your own success. All you have to do is build a better brand.”

With real case studies and success stories as well as actionable insights for home service business owners, “Branded Not Blanded” is a valuable resource for small service business owners. Antonelli presents his comprehensive knowledge in accessible language and easily digestible chapters that readers can apply to their own business.

In the book, Antonelli guides readers through essential topics such as:

  • Brand Basics: The basics of what branding means for home service companies, and how it’s relevant to their success.
  • What Is Brand Disruption?: When it comes to branding, disruption means looking at what everyone else is doing and finding a way to be unique and different.
  • Branding and the Home Consumer: Your branding needs to speak to skeptical consumers and make potential customers feel something positive about your company.
  • Leveraging Your Brand to Win on the Streets: Your vehicles are perhaps the single most important part of your brand efforts — and one of the most cost-effective.
  • Launching Your New Brand: Introducing your new brand to the world effectively requires careful planning and implementation.

“Many owners of home service businesses say they can’t afford to invest in branding, but the truth is they can’t afford not to,” Antonelli said. “Companies with effective brands spend less on marketing than complacent, bland brands. It takes less work to get people excited about a company with a compelling, brand story and a strong, memorable visual brand identity. With this book, business owners can learn what branding truly is, why it matters in our industry, and how they can successfully implement a dynamic brand strategy that will drive revenue, support a positive workplace culture and power growth.”

To pre-order Dan Antonelli’s “Branded Not Blanded,” visit  https://www.amazon.com/Branded-Not-Blanded-KickChargeTM-Service-ebook/dp/B0BBL1CCJ9.

For more information about KickCharge® Creative, visit  https://www.kickcharge.com.

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