Dark Horse Brewery largest solar power-driven brewery on East Coast

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Patriot Solar Group (PSG) has teamed up with Contractors Building Supply, The Green Brewery Project, and The Dark Horse Brewing Company to create the first solar power-driven brewery on the East Coast.  The 40 kilowatt, 140 panel system has helped generate solar energy and aid in the formation of the Dark Horse growler.

765811411492824008Setting Themselves Apart

Completing the renovation in only days allowed the swift transition to become one step closer to a completely sustainable brewery. Evolution to a green brewery is an investment various large scale breweries across the globe have become fond of, including Heineken and Guinness. The Green Breweries Project, whose research originated at the University of Michigan, is focused on offering creativity with energy systems to help craft breweries enhance their sustainability. Even with a considerably lower rate of emissions, Green Breweries are becoming increasingly predominant and are making the exchange to a further domestic market.

Patriot’s Involvement

Dark Horse purchased 140 Michigan-assembled solar panels as well as mounting systems supplied by Patriot Solar Group. This off-grid system allows them to manage their energy demands and monitor them closely with affluence as well as ease. The fixed standing metal roof mount systems are durable and can withstand brutal wind speeds but also offer minimal maintenance as well as low cost. While Dark Horse is planning to expand its horizon, you could imagine that Patriot Solar will help in part to generate a 100% sustainable green brewery in association with the Green Breweries Project. While Dark Horse has the ability to extend their awareness for the environment to the citizens, it also ensures the expansion of homegrown Michigan businesses like Patriot Solar Group and supports the move headfirst in the fight for a greener tomorrow.

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