Empowering and Advancing Women in the Plumbing Trade on a National Scale

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SharkBite Forges a Powerful New Collaboration with Women in Plumbing & Piping (WiPP)

In a move that underscores its commitment to diversity and innovation, SharkBite has entered a seminal partnership with Women in Plumbing & Piping (WiPP). SharkBite’s latest venture into progressive plumbing partnerships heralds a concerted effort to reshape the plumbing industry’s landscape, emphasizing the critical role of women in its collective future.

Women in Plumbing & Piping has publicly embraced a synergistic relationship with SharkBite, a brand at the vanguard of plumbing innovation. As a founding sponsor of the organization, SharkBite’s new alliance with WiPP exemplifies a shared resolve to foster inclusivity and diversity within the plumbing and piping sectors, especially when it comes to gender.

With an eye toward the future, WiPP and SharkBite envision 2024 as a springboard for engendering new prospects for plumbing enterprises and aspiring women in this essential and financially rewarding trade, which is brimming with opportunities for progression and specialization.

“At this juncture, our engagement with Women in Plumbing & Piping marks a pivotal chapter in our journey,” stated Chris Carrier, senior director of marketing at Reliance Worldwide Corporation (RWC), where SharkBite is a leading brand and business unit. “Considering the current representation of women, a mere 1.1%, in the plumbing workforce, it is crucial that we champion the cause of women’s empowerment and their advancement on a national scale. Our collaboration with WiPP is not just an industry investment; it’s also a stepping stone for women already within the trade to prosper and excel in their careers.”

WiPP’s four foundational tenets—Mentorship, Education, Recognition, and Networking—provide the infrastructure to profoundly influence the professional lives of countless women in plumbing and piping.

Kim Gill, the Executive Director of WiPP, expressed her enthusiasm. “We are delighted to welcome SharkBite as a sponsor of WiPP. Their commitment to plumbing innovation aligns seamlessly with our mission to bring the plumbing and piping industries to new levels of excellence,” said Gill. “Together, we will continue to address workforce shortages, empower women and drive positive change.”

The partnerships WiPP forges are steeped in mutual trust, transparency, and a dedication to shared objectives, fueling expansion and outreach to a variety of communities.

Strategic Alliance with WiPP Spearheads Empowerment and Industry Excellence

A relatively new and already impactful player in the U.S. plumbing arena, established in 2022, Women in Plumbing & Piping is a nonprofit entity, conceived by forward-thinking women committed to cultivating a dynamic community for their peers in the industry. WiPP champions the vital contributions of women, acknowledging their role as an integral force in sculpting the trades’ future. Based in suburban Denver, Colorado, more information on membership benefits can be found at womeninplumbandpipe.org.

To explore partnership opportunities, visit: WIPP Parternship Opportunities.

SharkBite stands as an exemplar of ingenuity, making them an ideal ally in the crusade to empower women in plumbing. Together with Reliance Worldwide Corporation, SharkBite is a beacon of innovative push-to-connect plumbing solutions globally, including the venerated SharkBite Max product line.

For over twenty years, SharkBite has spearheaded the development of products that address industry challenges and arm plumbing professionals with the means to enhance productivity and efficiency. Leading the charge in push-to-connect plumbing technologies, SharkBite’s team adeptly caters to a breadth of applications ranging from residential and commercial construction to complex industrial projects of all scales.

SharkBite’s proven product suite streamlines installations by eliminating the need for specialized tools or complicated procedures, reducing the margin for error. Their comprehensive system encompasses an array of fittings, pipes and accessories indispensable for constructing a potable water system.

As a cornerstone of the RWC brand portfolio, SharkBite is instrumental in sustaining RWC’s esteemed global reputation as an innovator and manufacturer of water control systems and plumbing solutions for a myriad of applications.

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