Energy Kinetics’ Polypropylene Chimney Liners for Oilheat Applications

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Energy Kinetics Polypropylene Chimney ImageEnergy Kinetics’ 90+ Resolute Boiler can be chimney vented with 3″ flexible polypropylene for quicker, easier, and less expensive installations than stainless steel liners.  The 90+ Resolute is a non-condensing heat and hot water system up to 91 AFUE, and it’s oil or gas fired providing long term fuel flexibility.  The 3″ flexible liner is really the only way to go when a chimney needs to be lined.  The 90+ Resolute runs as quietly as a small microwave with a proven 30 year boiler backed by a lifetime limited warranty.

With over 6 years of installations from New England and Mid-Atlantic States to Alaska, the 90+ Resolute delivers consistent fuel savings results and cuts installation time by 3 to 5 man hours with its pre-piped and pre-wired package. Contact Energy Kinetics for direct to contractor purchase.  Parts and support are available to all heating professionals.

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