First Look: Lochinvar Noble Combi-boiler

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I recently installed my first Lochinvar Noble combi-boiler, it was a replacement upgrade from a failed dual purpose tank heater supplying heat to both garage and basement radiant floors.

This model was the 199K Btu running on natural gas, vented in 3″ (factory outlet size on boiler) with a rating of 95% AFUE. Lochinvar specs the domestic delivery to be 4.8 gallons per minute (77F rise, NKC199 model only) and that was the deciding factor in selecting this model. With a 10:1 turndown ratio the heating capacity of this unit is right-sized for the load even though its capable of much more. Domestic production takes president in this situation.

The Noble boiler is equipped with Lochinvar’s SMART CONTROL and features an intuitive setup wizard to guide contractors through programming parameters quickly and easily. The backlit, user-friendly LCD display provides diagnostic information and system status in plain English, not codes.

Of course this unit is my first of the model line and has only been in operation for about a week as of this posting so I have no long term experience with performance and reliability but based on my experience with the Knight and Cadet models I have relatively high expectations for this one to serve my client well.

Here’s a link to some video I took while installing the system (Click the arrows to advance thru the video clips):

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