Gripple’s Heavy Duty Suspension System Votes As Industry Show Stopper

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Gripple, one of the leading manufacturers of suspension solutions for construction, is celebrating the success of its UniGrip 6 Hanger System for winning a Show Stopper Award at the NECA (National Electrical Contractors Association)  Show in Philadelphia.

The 2023 NECA Showstopper Awards highlight the latest products and services on the market and included more than 170 entries this year.  Attendees to the NECA show are given the chance to explore the newest products, while an expert panel of judges decides on the winners.

The UniGrip 6 Hanger, which Gripple launched at NECA, is designed to support heavier services, such as multi-tier conduit racks and large diameter mechanical pipework.    It is the only single-channel cable hanger capable of accommodating 1/4” cable and approved for an 800 lb Safe Working Load (SWL).

Sean Boyle, Product Manager at Gripple explains: “We’re very excited that our UniGrip 6 Hanger won a NECA Show Stopper award!  With almost 200 other exciting products and innovations across the NECA exhibition, it is an honor to have our UniGrip 6 chosen for this award by electrical contractors!”

Gripple’s UniGrip 6 was released in response to demand for a heavier duty cable support hanger for major construction projects, such as hospitals, data centers, stadiums, and other large  projects. The new system delivers huge contractor benefits for projects by replacing threaded rod, as well as being easy to use, lightweight, labor-saving and height-adjustable.

To meet safe working loads of 800 lbs, UniGrip 6 features a 5” long ¾” thread, designed for supporting double strut profiles with high load bearing capacity. The system is ICC and UL 2239 approved for the support of conduit.

Sean adds, “Boosted by this award, UniGrip 6 is already becoming highly sought after for major projects such as factories, data centers, hospitals, and other industrial facilities. UniGrip 6 truly offers the highest load rating capability of any cable suspension system of its type.”

The system speeds up the installation of heavy electrical conduit and containment, piping, ductwork, HVAC equipment and prefabricated modules by using galvanized steel aircraft cable and Gripple’s selection of pre-attached cable end fittings. These include     loops for  choking around structural beams and stud ends for attaching to concrete anchors.

With its compact design, contractors can fit ten x 10ft drops into one small box, significantly improving handling,  with no on-site cutting required. The high strength steel cable helps lower the buildings embodied CO2, as part of enhancing sustainability.

First launched in 2017, Gripple’s UniGrip range has been utilized on major projects across the world and is renowned for being up to six times faster to install than traditional suspension systems.  The new UniGrip 6 can be pre-fabricated on back-to-back strut on the ground or off site, using the included nut and square washers, to reduce time spent working at heights.

Easy to use, the UniGrip range features an ergonomically designed release button which allows for simple height adjustments to be made.  This button also acts as a locking nut, to ensure the cable is locked in position for ultimate security and reassurance.  The UniGrip range also offers great flexibility with a wide variety of sizes and foot attachments to suit  various applications.

Gripple is committed to providing customers with greener solutions that reduce carbon and maximize use of recycled materials.

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