Grundfos UP10-16 HWR Delivers Efficiency and Comfort

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Grundfos UP10-16 HWR Auto

The Grundfos UP10-16 HWR range sets a new standard for energy efficient hot water recirculation in residential homes. Thanks to a low noise permanent magnet motor, energy consumption is reduced to as little as 5-8.5 W.  UP10-16 HWR pumps are simple to install and deliver reliable operation for applications with a foot print of up-to 2,000 square ft.

Three different control modes make it easy for you to select the right pump for your application:

  1. Basic Control Mode:  The pump runs at 100% mode constantly.
  2. Temperature Control Mode:  Keeps the water temperature within an optimal temperature range that is calculated every 24 hours. Perfect for homes with multiple occupants and unpredictable hot water usage.
  3. Auto Control Mode:  Learns the hot water consumption patterns of the homeowner and adapts operation time accordingly. Ideal for energy conscious households with regular hot water usage.

Key features and benefits:

  • Can save up to 13,000 gallons per year by eliminating the wait for hot water
  • Compact design makes installation simple, even in confined spaces
  • Easy to use push button controls
  • Lead free brass housing eliminates risk of corrosion
  • 6-ft line cord standard
  • Union housing integral stops
  • Built-in non-return valve
  • Built in check valve (union models)

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