Heating Metering with Caleffi CONTECA and idronics

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With the recently defined ASTM E3137/E3137M specification for Heat Meter Instrumentation, the stage has been set for the technology to become increasingly popular in North America.  Whether verifying system heating (or cooling) production or apportioning energy costs, heat metering has many practical applications.  Caleffi North America is proud to announce the 7504 Series CONTECA, a device that measures, calculates and records thermal energy and has auxiliary inputs to monitor water, gas or electrical meters.  To gain a foundational understanding of heat metering and its benefits, the January 2019 edition of idronics– Fundamentals of Heat Metering in Hydronic Systems – provides a timely resource.

“Caleffi is excited to provide for AHR 2019 show attendees a firsthand look at CONTECA.  We’ll be happy to discuss with you the technology and provide for you the complimentary idronics journal at Booth B4161”, offers Kevin Freidt, director of product management and technical support.