Helpful pocket guide for ProPress

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Pocket Guide for ProPress

I remember back when I first started in the trade as an apprentice my first journeyman handed me a Tyler Pipe pocket guide for reference of fitting take-offs, make-ups etc. That was an incredibly useful tool and was nearly worn out by the time I memorized the most used measurements. I may not have a use for that book daily today but I definitely have referenced the Viega pocket guide for ProPress fittings many times over the years.

I would imagine there are printed copies available but I’ve included the link to Viega’s download page for the pocket guide and many other literature items they offer. Plain and simple, the ProPress guide is useful for quick reference of sealing element spec’s, fitting spacing, spacing from existing soldered joints and clearances when soldering near a press fitting.

I hope you find this useful, if you’re not using Viega brand press fittings check with the manufacturer of your preferred brand for similar info.

Viega Download Page:

Also available for your mobile device is Viega’s Toolbox app:

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