High Performance Temperature Control Made Easy with LEGIOMIX Station

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Caleffi North America, a leader in the manufacture of innovative plumbing and hydronic products, has expanded its commercial digital mixing valve offering with the LEGIOMIX® Station.  The Station features a 6000 Series LEGIOMIX electronic mixing valve to provide high performance temperature control for commercial domestic hot water (DHW) systems.  A unique self-cleaning function features daily exercising of the internal ball valve mechanism to prevent scale build-up and ensure smooth operation.

LEGIOMIX is the only digital mixing valve on the market with automatic scheduling of thermal disinfection to control Legionella bacteria – a globally proven approach to maintaining safe and sanitary DHW. LEGIOMIX also is rated highest in the market for flow capacity.  The valve is certified by ICC-ES for compliance with NSF/ANSI 372, ASSE 1017, CSA B125.3 and CSA Z317.1 standards and IPC, IRC, NPC and UPC codes for use in accordance with U.S. and Canadian plumbing codes.

The Stations are pre-built for ease of installation and include a 6000 Series digital mixing valve with union connections, serviceable stainless steel check valves, purge test ports, isolation valves and a LEGIOMIX controller, all pre-mounted on a powder-coated painted steel strut frame. The controller is pre-wired to a 115/24 VAC plug-in transformer. The Stations are available in five sizes from 1” to 2½” copper pipe connections.

“Installing and piping a commercial digital mixing valve properly takes a lot of planning and thought and, unfortunately, mistakes are common. The LEGIOMIX Stations simplify all that because the pipe connections are all pre-labeled and all the components are in the right place. Just hang it on the wall, connect the inlets and outlets and plug in the controller,” said Kevin Freidt, director of product management and technical support.

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