IBC CX™ Combi Boiler

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A unique balance of performance, efficiency and value for home heating and DHW needs, the CX Boilers use IBC’s intuitive V-10 touchscreen boiler control, which features the latest in advanced control technology and software. The new control interface allows users to program the boiler in seconds and is backed by remote monitoring and diagnostics, real-time monitoring of the unit’s hot water temperature and an intuitive alert system with detailed error messages amongst other features.

Available in 2 Sizes: CX 150, CX 199

Fast, Easy Installations

  • Featuring an array of venting options, a compact design and compatibility with existing gas lines, the CX™ is an ideal solution for a variety of houses, apartments and condos.
  • This product series provides easy access to all components, an assortment of universal parts, as well as remote monitoring and diagnostics.
  • Suitable for various new and retrofit applications the CX is a wall mounted boiler with a floor stand available floor standing applications.

Intelligent Controls

  • Includes a precise, easy to use modulating control that has an express setup, displays boiler status, and sends maintenance alerts with clear, simple notifications.

High Performance

  • Full boiler capacity available for both hot water and space heating performance with its versatile configuration.

Additional Leading Product Features:

  • A remarkable 95% AFUE reduces operating costs and helps heat the home faster.
  • A 10:1 turndown ratio, allows owners to effectively heat their home even during extremely cold weather while reducing cycling during milder periods.
  • The 439 Grade stainless steel construction offers superior heat conductivity, energy savings, and excellent corrosion resistance. The heat exchanger is 100% factory tested to ensure top performance.
  • The built-in four-zone pump control eliminates the need for external zone control. The boiler also includes a factory-wired primary pump and a convenient combi block for easy DHW supply and front-facing servicing.
  • The built-in outdoor reset control of water temperature ensures optimal temperature regulation for enhanced efficiency.
  • The built-in CAS/UL Approved Low Water Cut-Off and Manual Reset High Limit, provides reliable safety features for the owner’s peace of mind.
  • MFZ Technology; IBC’s patented moisture management system which protects and ensures long life for all components in the boiler.

The CX was designed with innovation in mind and is an industry leader in efficiency with minimal Carbon impact.

According to IBC’s own calculations choosing the CX product instead of a minimum efficiency alternative, can offset CO2 emissions equivalent to planting at least 975 trees over the products lifetime.

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