Idaho architect office showcases ProRadiant solution

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CSHQA, an award-winning design firm in Boise, Idaho, leads by example and adapts to changing practices and technologies in business, architecture and engineering. When renovating its new office, the firm decided to install radiant heating and cooling. After completing energy modeling and cost comparisons for six different systems, the team decided on the Viega ProRadiant solution.



The radiant floor heating and cooling system required 4.6 miles of Viega PEX Barrier tubing to be installed along with more than 12,000 square feet of Viega insulating panels. Viega technical services assisted in finalizing the design, fine-tuning the layout and zones, as well as provided support throughout the process.



Commissioning results show the building’s Energy Use Intensity (EUI) at approximately one-third the level that is standard for commercial office buildings in Idaho. When the project was finished, CSHQA chose to showcase part of the radiant flooring under a glass panel since it was one of the few building systems that was not visible.



The CSHQA office project was completed to LEED Platinum standards with official certification expected in 2015. The building is the largest in the state of Idaho to be cooled with a geothermal system and receive merit recognition by ENR Mountain States as a2014 Best Project.

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