John Guest Slip Connectors make it easy for Plumbers

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With winter comes the inevitable rise in the number of burst pipes all plumbers will be tasked with repairing. Fortunately, John Guest has plumbers covered with John Guest’s high-tech ProLock slip connectors, which provide plumbers with a quick, simple, and easy fix for burst pipes. John Guest slip connectors come in two sizes and can be used to fix pipe bursts on PEX, CPVC, and copper pipes, providing an efficient solution to a litany of burst-pipe problems that any plumber is bound to face this season.

John Guest slip connectors feature push-fit connections, making rapid installations easy and allowing plumbers to increase the number of visits they can make each day. In addition to being easy to install, John Guest pipe fittings can also solve one of the major issues with burst pipes: leakage. The push-fit fitting allows all of this to be quickly accomplished without any additional pipe work being performed by the plumber.

John Guest slip connectors are also built with versatile use in mind, and they work equally well with both hot and cold pipes, again providing coverage across the entire spectrum of possible burst-pipe issues that one of John Guest’s customers may encounter. John Guest slip connectors are made with lead-free, non-toxic, and non-flammable materials so plumbers can feel secure after installing these connectors and then allowing them to run without constant monitoring. Like all John Guest products, ProLock slip connectors are made with an advanced polymer material, assuring our customers that they are receiving only the highest-quality performance. No matter how many precautions people take to prevent winter pipe bursts, some bursts are unavoidable.  For this season, John Guest slip connectors are a must-have for any plumber.

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