Jones Stephens Introduces PEX-A Plumbing System

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A Comprehensive Line Includes Large Diameter Pipes and Fittings

Jones Stephens, an industry leader in the manufacture and distribution of plumbing products, introduces its PEX-A Piping System – a wide range of PEX-A pipe and F1960 expansion and F1807/F2159 crimp fittings, including large diameter.

The benefits of PEX-A piping are significant. Ideal for all new construction and repair jobs, PEX-A pipe is corrosion resistant, making it more durable than corrosion-prone copper pipes. It has a superior crosslinking pattern, making it highly flexible. While copper and other systems can burst in freezing temperatures, PEX-A piping expands in the cold and frigid air, thus making it resistant to damage. PEX-A piping creates less kinking, so installation is simple and quick. It absorbs sound, so it provides a quiet system, and its high thermal-resistant property keeps hot water hotter and longer, saving valuable energy.  Additionally, Jones Stephens’ cold expansion fittings, along with its brass and plastic crimp fittings, provide a dependable, leak-free, and secure plumbing connection.  And the comprehensive offering even includes PEX-A piping for potable water and oxygen barrier applications.

Jones Stephens’ product line includes the following:

  • PEX-A pipe, Potable water, and Oxygen Barrier
    • ½” to 2”
    • Red, Blue, and Natural colored
    • Coils and Straight Lengths
  • F1960 Expansion Fittings
    • ½” to 2”
    • Brass and Poly
  • F1807/F2159 Crimp Fittings
    • ½” to 1”
    • Brass and Poly

Meeting all industry standards, certifications, and compliance, PEX-A Piping Systems by Jones Stephens are now in stock and shipping.

For more information, visit Jones Stephen PEX-A Plumbing System.

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