Jones Stephens Introduces Poly Pipe Insulation

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Jones Stephens announced today that it has launched its own brand of Poly Pipe Insulation. The Jones Stephens Poly Pipe Insulation comprehensive line of products is made in the USA of 100% closed cell polyethylene.  The initial product offering includes Semi-Slit and Self-Sealing pipe insulation available in a range of sizes and thicknesses and Self-Sealing tees and elbows, offered in a variety of dimensions.

“Jones Stephens is excited about the options we are offering our customers with our new Exclusive Labeled Poly Pipe Insulation,” says Andy Yanka, Sr. Product Director. “The selection of sizes and options will meet most customers’ needs, and our pride in manufacturing is evident in the quality of this new line of insulation.”

The semi-slit or self-sealing insulation is available with wall thicknesses that range from 3/8” to 1”.  The available diameters range from 3/8” ID to 4-1/2” ID. The self-sealing tees and elbows have a 3/8” wall thickness and are offered in sizes that range from 1/2” to 1-1/4”. The semi-slit pipe insulation can be used outdoors if painted with an exterior acrylic latex paint, and the self-sealing pipes, tees, and elbows provide a complete seal on hot or cold pipes of any length with two strips of self-adhesive.

The new insulation product is available and in stock now. For more information on the new Jones Stephens Exclusive Label Poly Pipe Insulation visit

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