Laars® Heating Systems introduces new NeoTherm® XTR commercial boilers and volume water heaters

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The latest evolution of the leading U.S. designer and manufacturer’s reliable and efficient NeoTherm line delivers enhanced functionality and easy installation for a variety of applications

Laars® Heating Systems, a leading U.S. designer and manufacturer of boilers, water heaters, and pool heaters used in residential, commercial, and industrial applications, announces the release of the new NeoTherm® XTR commercial boilers and volume water heaters.

The NeoTherm XTR is available as a condensing boiler or volume water heater, with venting up to 150 equivalent feet, has top water and gas piping connections, and can be common-vented, offering increased installation flexibility. NeoTherm XTR units have AHRI certified 96%-plus thermal efficiencies, a reliable low pressure-drop stainless steel heat exchanger, and 10:1 combustion turndown.

“The NeoTherm XTR marks the evolution of our field-proven NeoTherm product line,” said Chuck O’Donnell, director of marketing for Laars Heating Systems. “Listening to feedback from our heating professionals, we kept the features in the NeoTherm they liked and added new features that make the NeoTherm XTR even better — more robust, easier to install, and with enhanced control functionality that better serves a wide variety of installation requirements.”

Each NeoTherm XTR uses the powerful LaarsLinc® icon-driven control system that includes Laars Vari-Prime® pump control. Laars Vari-Prime controls a variable speed boiler pump to maintain a fixed, user-selectable, boiler temperature rise, maximizing total installed efficiency.

The Laars Linc intuitive control system with color touchscreen has an easy to navigate control structure that displays key performance measures, a quick start option, and a USB input for parameter upload. It easily connects to building automation systems via on board BACnet or Modbus protocols and has many other features, including the ability to cascade up to eight units.

NeoTherm XTR boilers and volume water heaters are available in six sizes, from 399 to 1500 MBH for natural gas applications.

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