Laars Heating Systems Launches New Family of Electric Tankless Water Heaters

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Top manufacturer continues its tradition of American-made quality and performance with introduction of Powered by Keltech™ commercial and industrial electric tankless products

Laars® Heating Systems, a leading manufacturer of residential and commercial heating products, announces the launch of its new Powered by Keltech™ family of fast, reliable and durable commercial and industrial electric tankless water heaters.

 “Products with the Powered by Keltech label are manufactured in the United States to the highest quality standards and are recognized throughout the industry for delivering performance, resilience and energy and space savings,” said Chuck O’Donnell, director of marketing for Laars Heating Systems. “Laars Powered by Keltech products are suitable for a wide range of applications, and with custom design options can be fitted for unique environments.”

Bradford White Corporation, the parent company of Laars Heating Systems, completed its acquisition of the Keltech product line in January.

“Our Powered by Keltech tankless electric water heaters are a critical extension of the existing Laars portfolio of products,” O’Donnell said. “With their proven track record of long-lasting performance and innovation, they help ensure that Laars will continue to meet emerging demand related to the ongoing adoption of electrification initiatives in communities throughout North America.”

Features of the Powered by Keltech family of products include a PID infinitely modulating control which holds temperature as demand changes; Incoloy 800 low-watt density elements that enhance durability, heat transfer and resistance to scaling; low water flow activation; low water pressure drop; brass/copper heat exchangers that are NSF/ANSI 372 certified for lead free; and space saving size, with only three square feet of space needed for 144 kW (491,000 BTU/hour).

Laars Commercial Electric Tankless Water Heaters, Powered by Keltech, are available in four different models and configurations for commercial and light industrial use:

  • H Series (Commercial)
    • 5-25 kW (17,000-85,300 BTU/hour)
    • Wall mounted
  • G Series (Light Industrial)
    • 18-25 kW (61,400-85,300 BTU/hour)
    • Wall mounted with floor mount kit option
  • F Series (Light Industrial)
    • 36-50 kW (122,800-170,600 BTU/hour)
    • Wall mounted with floor mount kit option
  • N Series (Large Industrial)
    • 36-144kW (122,800-491,300 BTU/hour)
    • Floor mounted
    • Available as two-unit skid mounted model

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