LAARS® OmniTherm™ Near Condensing Boilers

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LAARS® OmniTherm™ Near Condensing Boilers, Laars, Bradford White, hydronics, heating, HVAC, plumbing, stainless steel heat exchangersThe new OmniTherm series of near condensing boilers and volume water heaters includes industry leading electronic air-to-fuel ratio control, long-life stainless steel heat exchangers, and the Laars Linc® icon-driven control system. OmniTherm units can easily be installed in Category I, II, III or IV vent systems for new or replacement applications.

Laars Linc intuitive control system with color touchscreen has an easy to navigate control structure that displays key performance measures, a quick start option, and a USB input for parameter upload. It easily connects to building automation systems via BACnet, and has many other features including the ability to cascade up to 8 units.

Available in six sizes from 1250 to 3000 MBH, Laars OmniTherm units offer up to 7:1 turndown, thermal efficiencies as high as 87%, and can be installed in low return water temperature applications.

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