LENOX LXHT90551 10” V-Jaw Quick Adjust Pliers

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LENOX LXHT90551 10” V-Jaw Quick Adjust Pliers

LENOX® Tools sent some new pliers and wrenches to Mechanical Hub a couple months ago. As always, we choose to use the tools we review on real job sites, in real life situations so we can report back to you. Whether we pay for a tool or product or it is gifted to us, you will always get honest information that we hope will aid you in decision making when scouting out new tools. LENOX® is not new to hand tools or pipe wrenches, making these all updated designs worth a look. The following is a summary of our use of the 10” V-Jaw Quick-Adjust Pliers over three months of daily use. 


If you read my review of the 10” Pliers Wrench or have used pliers with a cushioned grip, then you know the significance of this handle type and how it will benefit you over time and under high force. It’s not surprising LENOX chose this handle type as it is a favorite throughout the plumbing industry. 


The v-jaw geometry is one that grips, period. This is a proven jaw design that is meant to grip multiple shapes and sizes of materials. Performance on iron pipe, probably the most common material these pliers will work with, is reliable and exceptional. The v-jaw also allows the user to grip hex surfaces easily, although the aggressive teeth will mar softer metals like bras or finished surfaces like chrome so be aware. 


The industrial chrome finish makes these pliers corrosion resistant which is an absolute must for plumbing and heating work. I also found that cleaning the pliers of pipe dirt was not difficult, I’d attribute that to the chrome finish as well.


If you’re like me and use pump pliers every day, I’d recommend giving the LENOX® 10” V-Jaw Adjust Pliers a try. The value when compared to higher price imported or domestic competitors is high. The quick-adjust feature is an absolute slam dunk in making these some of the nicest pliers I have used in my long career as a plumbing and heating contractor. 


LXHT90552 12” Pliers, $28.99 

LXHT90551 10” Pliers, $23.99 

LXHT90550 8” Pliers, $17.99 

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