Lochinvar Noble Combi: Out with the Old, In with the New

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Lochinvar Noble (NKC 199) Combi Unit

Recently, ProStaff member Andy Mickelson, Mickelson Plumbing & Heating, Missoula, Mont., responded to a call that had the homeowner—with a family of four—frustrated. The old Quietside boiler had flashed its last flow switch error. In fact, Quietside isn’t even in operation in the U.S., and parts and tech support is non-existent. It was time for an upgrade. Mickelson needed to provide domestic hot water for the entire home and is zoned for approximately 3,000 sq. ft. of radiant heat in the basement and upstairs bathrooms. (Mickelson explained that the trend in Missoula about 10 years ago was to build a home with part-radiant and part forced-air heat/cooling, which this home was.)


Mickelson chose the reliable Lochinvar Noble (NKC 199) Combi Boiler because he believes it is the most competitively priced fire-tube combi unit on the market. “I don’t even mind paying a little extra for the unit because of fire-tube heat exchanger. It’s very serviceable, the parts are readily available, it features an English display—no code—and for its excellent domestic hot water (DHW) capabilities. Mickelson explains that the unit features more hot water out of the box because of the required use of a mixing valve—per the manufacturer specs—which translates to a higher flow rate of DHW. A two-man job, Mickelson was in and out the home in seven hours, with a very satisfied customer.


Lochinvar Noble (NKC 199) Combi Boiler Specs

• SMART CONTROL Enhanced Operating System
• Three Sizes 110,000, 150,000 and 199,999 Btu/Hr
• 95% AFUE Efficiency
• Industry-Leading DHW Delivery Up to 4.8 GPM
• True Instantaneous Response
• Easy Installation and Serviceability
• User-Friendly Interface
• Designed, Engineered and Assembled in the USA

Learn More at lochinvarnoble.com

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