Lowe’s MVPs Pro Rewards and Partnership Program

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The Lowe’s MVPs Pro Rewards and Partnership Program is a new approach that flips traditional loyalty programs on their heads to deliver real solutions and benefits Pros need to succeed. The new program comes at a time when 90% of Pros say it’s important that retailers have valuable loyalty programs, and according to new findings from Lowe’s, Pros also voiced the need for retailers to bring more than rewards to the table.

Lowe’s MVPs Pro Rewards, available in select regions and nationwide gives Pros a committed business partner in Lowe’s. Complementing Lowe’s strong credit offerings (5% off every day on eligible purchases, to 0% interest for 60 days for Lowe’s Business Advantage accounts), Lowe’s MVPs Pro Rewards offers new and existing loyalty members benefits including:

  • Lowe’s e-gift cards earned when Pros spend in-store and online on eligible purchases**
  • Access to business resources helping Pros tackle back-of-house operations
  • Exclusive offers for rewards on eligible paint purchases** and free select snacks or drinks** at Lowe’s stores
  • A chance to win incredible prizes like Ford F-Series trucks that serve as many Pros’ mobile offices and custom-built local advertising packages***
  • A simple mobile and online user experience allowing Pros to track and claim rewards even when sending a crew member into the store
  • And, coming soon, MVPs Bonus Points that can be used for additional exciting rewards helping Pros invest in their businesses and themselves

“We’re deepening our partnership with Pro customers because when they succeed, we succeed,” said Tony Hurst, Senior Vice President Pro, Services and International. “Lowe’s MVPs Pro Rewards is another big step in Lowe’s continued Total Home strategy when it comes to the important Pro customer. We are committed to a true business partnership mindset to help Pros as they grow their businesses and their futures.”

Nearly 90% of Pros say it’s important for retailers to have valuable loyalty programs as Pros also voiced the need for retailers to offer solutions to propel their business forward, according to Lowe’s first annual Lowe’s State of the Pro report, found online at Lowes.com/StateOfThePro.  An industry-leading study, the report contains insights from Pros and their customers, detailing the state of the home industry and trends in homeowner improvement plans, and priority projects in 2022.

For more information on the latest for Pros, please visit Lowes.com/Pro.

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