Maintaining High Fluid Quality in Modern Hydronic Systems (Part 2)

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Our complimentary educational series, Coffee with Caleffi™, is an online technical training webinar and is intended for contractors, designers and wholesalers.

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Maintaining High Fluid Quality in Modern Hydronic Systems (Part 2)
Thursday, April 27
12 noon – 1:00pm CDT

Fluid problems can cause loss of efficiency, comfort fall-off and/or premature equipment failure. This webinar picks up where Part 1 left off (refer to: Maintaining High Fluid Quality, February 2017 in our online archive). Bob “Hot Rod” Rohr, our training and education manager, will focus on glycol systems, sediment formation and fluid quality measurement instruments. You’ll learn:

→ Is municipally treated water good enough for my system?
→ What can cause glycol to degrade over time?
→ Is using only the minimum glycol needed for freeze protection the only factor to consider?
→ Why is the TDS reading of a glycol fluid a meaningless value?
→ Does a pH value within the glycol manufacturer’s acceptable range ensure freeze protection?
→ Low hardness but high TDS. Is my fill water good?
→ My system water is slightly grey. I’m good right?
→ What are some potential mistakes in measuring pH, TDS, hardness or freeze point?

For over 30 years Hot Rod has installed plumbing, radiant heat and renewable energy jobs. As a regular contributor for several industry publications, he puts his rubber-to-the-road experiences to pen. A familiar and favorite speaker at our Coffee with Caleffi webinars, he is sure to delight with his expertise and quick wit.

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